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UPDATED:   May 21 2024




Once kittens become available -

If you’d like to reserve a kitten that is not old enough for weaning,

a deposit is needed (and will be applied toward the cost) .

Deposits are not refundable simply because you change your mind.

That is the reason for getting a deposit – so that you

are certain which kitten you want before I remove him/her

from this website and nobody else can reserve him/her.

Also please note that most kittens are ready to go home

at approximately 10 weeks, but each kitten is an

individual and I will let you know when I feel yours is ready.

Thank you!


Female (standard short) Munchkin

black and white

short hair

she will have gold eyes

very personable little girl!

$1400 to PET  home only

with spay agreement

updated pictures taken 5/18!


Male (standard short) Munchkin

solid orange tabby – short hair

will have gold eyes

$1200 to PET  home only

with neuter agreement


Male (standard short) Munchkin

Short hair and dark, wide tabby stripes

will have gold eyes

$1200 to PET home

with neuter agreement


Male (standard short) Munchkin

light flame point (or cream point)

short hair – blue eyes

$1200 to PET home only with

this guy is SO SWEET

neuter agreement


Male (standard short) Munchkin

beautiful markings and rare chocolate color

short hair

$1400 to PET home only

neuter agreement

We also have some “non-standard” Munchkins

These are the kittens that did not inherit the gene for the

short legs, even though one parent (or both) is a Munchkin.

Despite what you might read on the internet

(there is so much misinformation out there about Munchkins!)

these cats do NOT even carry the dwarfism gene

and can never produce a Munchkin.

These kittens are also sold as pets only.

Below are examples of a “non-standard” next to a “standard” littermate


Kitten A

male kitten

tabby and white / part Persian

medium long hair – very friendly & playful



Kitten B

flame point male, will have blue eyes

short hair (that’s baby fuzz you see now )

he will have gorgeous blue eyes

eventually he will develop orange ears/tail/face

what a precious face he has



Kitten C

flame point female

she will have gorgeous blue eyes

short hair – very playful

and orange ears/tail/face



Kitten  D

spotted siamese snowshoe male

short hair – probably blue eyes

very cute



check out my YouTube channel

for videos of some of past kittens!

(I’m long overdue posting kittens on there but plan to catch up soon!)

(1) My kittens – YouTube

Due to past experiences, I do prefer homes in which all children are at least the age of 5.

Your children might be very sweet, but there is no way for me to know!

And I’ve discovered that some parents do not closely supervise their children -

and let their babies/children carry them upside down, or lean/lay on them with

all their body weight.

Recently a customer told me her daughter was being too rough

with the cat, so she wanted to get rid of him (the cat).

As a result of being uprooted from all they know,

the poor cats become defensive or reclusive.

Also, stress and anxiety can cause cats to develop urinary issues.

Also, if you are over 70 years of age, I will need to speak with

your family or friends who would be able to assist with your pets if

you were to need surgery or become ill.

I’m speaking from experience – I’ve had too many

customers ask me to re-home their pets due to their

age-related circumstances.  I know first hand

how medical problems can come up at the drop of a hat.


Please no declawing, and must be indoor only!


Please bring a safe cat carrier for transport.

It is dangerous to have your cat loose in the vehicle.

If someone was to hit you, your poor cat would be

propelled across the vehicle and severely injured (or worse).

If you have questions, please email me.

I will be happy to send you an Adoption Application.

Thank you!

[email protected]

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